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Social Media and Mental Health

How do I know if Social Media is negatively affecting my Mental Health?

In this day and age, most adults have a cellphone or multimedia device with easy access applications for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. How is this subconsciously affecting how I interact with others? What can I do to make sure that I'm taking care of myself, while managing the daily distraction of notifications and updates?

Oceanview Psychiatry can help to answer this question.

With just a tap you can enter a world that allows interactions with others via text, voice, and images from almost anywhere. This type of interaction has only been possible in recent years.

In a society where the number of positive responses can motivate one to post filtered and sometimes misleading images, one may be interested in how this could negatively affect their Mental Health.

Warning Signs

There are several warning signs to look for when determining if Social Media use is negatively affecting your Mental Health. These include:

  • Loss of interest in your day to day activities

  • Failed attempts at reducing your social media use

  • Problem at work, in school, or with others because of your social media use

  • Isolating yourself from others

  • Using social media more than you plan or desire to

  • Severe anxiety if you are unable to check social media notifications

  • Self-Esteem has become dependent on how many positive reactions you receive

  • Lack of positive outlook

Do you have any of Warning Signs listed above?

If so, there are ways to treat social media mental health issues.

Contact us at Oceanview Psychiatry to speak with a Board-Certified Psychiatrist about your use and the impacts it has had on your life. This will help you to gain a better understanding into how to reduce distress associated with social medial use.

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